Finally in Rio – Adidas gift

After travelling for 2 days I finally arrived in Rio de Janeiro *.*!! Arriving in your parents house is like a 5 star hotel, for a student that lives alone ahah. There is plent of food, orginaziged house…. is pretty amazing !! Above all those things, I went inside my room and there was a Adidas bag on my bed <3!! My mom knows I´ve been in love with Adidas lately, so she gave the Adidas originals shirt and jacket soooo awesomeeeee! Here in Brazil Adidas has partnership with a store called Farm ( super nicee store) if you want to see some Rio de Janeiro inspired clothes have a look at their website here! Since I am a woman and nothing is enough, I still want so badly some items of the Rita Ora collection! Unfortunately, at least here in Brazil the collection didnt arrive in the normal Adidas store :(. Therefore, we need to purchase in the Adidas online store and I also saw the collection in Asos! Have a look at the Rita Ora collection over here. I am absolutely in loveeee.

Ps: Now that I am Brazil my little brother is that one that is going to take my photos haahha! Let´s see how this is going to work.

What is in your wishlist? Are you in the side of Nike or Adidas? haha





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Rainy day outfit

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Coat, sweater and jeans Gina Tricot / backpack Stradivarius (wish we had this store in Brazil or in Finland)

Hellooo everybody in Finnish “Hei” or “Moi” ahha,

Yesterday was probably the warmest day so far here in Tampere, Finland. It was +15 celsius *.*, but of course it was rainingg :(. I didn`t really care, because I was just happy that I could wear only one coat without freezing haha. In rainy day I just feel like using a comfy sweater and some boots. Another helpfull thing is to use a backpack. Is so hard to hold an umbrella and a heavy purse at the same time!

Tomorrow I am going to the camera store to get a new lense! I am going to buy a used 50mm lense so the photos will hopefully be better and have that blury effect on the back ground *.*! Can´t wait to test itttttt!!

What is your to go outifit in rainy days?? How is the weather in your home country?

Byee / “Moi moi”,


Summer holiday – 5 days to Rio de Janeiro

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I am soo excited because in 5 days I will be on my way to Rio de Janeiro (aka my homeee *.*)!!! I don´t know if people know this but in Brazil clothes are quite expensive. What happens is that we have lot of boutiques but we don´t have so many department stores. Recently it opened ONE forever 21 in Rio and all the girls went crazy haahah! We don´t have H&M yet :(, when I am in Brazil and I want to buy clothes I go to Zara because is one of the most “affordable”. Is really sad that clothes are so expensive in Brazil, that´s why before going there I do a little shopping over here hehe.

As I showed in one previous post, Rio de Janeiro style is very colourful and warm, so I choose some fun items:

1. Shirt from Bikbok – great to use with a jeans short and some havaianas, perfect to walk around during the day.

2. Shorts from Gina tricot – They are soo comfortable! Sometimes jeans shorts get a bit uncomfortable, so I wanted something to subistitute that. Plus the print is similar to the one used in the Copacabana beach sidewalk *.*.

3. Bikini from H&M – A bikini is a MUST have if you go to Rio. I didnt have any! Let´s face it, there is no place to use bikini in Finland. Maybe in the sauna but the tradition is to go naked!! Yeppp, Finns have no problem to be all naked, I had a bit of a culture shock ahha. No, in Brazil we do not go naked to the beach :D, actually womans don´t even do the “topless” thing.

4 Shirt from H&M – Always good to have a simple white shirt so you can play with the accessories. This one is actually a cropped top.

I hope I can show little bit of Brazil to you girls when I am there! What about more Rio de Janeiro street style? If you are curious about something in Rio let me know! I want to post as much as possible when I am there! 🙂

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Thanks for reading! Are you travelling somwhere in the summer holidays??


Spring might have arrived in Finland!

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Coat, bag Gina Tricot / Jeans Primark / Shoes Adidas from Second hand store ( best finding ever)

Some people from Brazil ask me “Is there summer/spring in Finland or is there snow during the whole year?”. I always laugh at that question!! Yes, Finland can be very cold but there is also warm summer! It is true that probably 9 months of the year is like super cold ahahah BUT the other 3 months can be quite warm.In fact, Finland has one of the most beautiful spring/summer that I have seem! In the spring you can see everyday little by little all the flowers and nature coming back to life! Kind of sucks that in the rest of Europe it is already much warmer,but there isnt much that we can do besides wait and enjoy the little sun we get during some days. Soon warmer days will come *.*, i can feel it! It is also exciting that now a days it starts to get dark around 21:00h! In the summer we literally have endless days since the sun barely goes down!

How is the weather in your country at the moment?! Summer feelings already?

xo – Fernanda :*

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Road trip to Seinäjoki – White and gold

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Big fury coat Mango / Sunglasses, white coat and bag Gina tricot ( what an addiction to this brand, just realised now hahaha)  / Shoes Nike air max thea

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Few weeks ago me and my bf went on a one day road trip to a city called Seinäjoki. It is located around 2,5 hours by car from Tampere t to the north. In Finland, it is considered a “medium size” city, it has around 60,000 people living. We went there on a saturday. We arrived around 14:00 and almost everything was closeddd x.x, coffee places, stores and so on :(. The city looked super nice and all but the fact is that there was nothing to do hahaha.I wonder what people do there during the day time in weekends. At least we were lucky because the day was veryyy beautiful so we walked around and took photos! I´ve been in love with the new Gina Tricot collection, Im loving that white bag so much *.*. It was quite cheap but looks kind of fancy haha. Ive been liking this white and gold combo, simple but classy. Anyway, I just love road trips! Is so much fun to be in the car listening songs, look  through the window and think about life or just imagine yourself in that video clip hahaha. Plus, you are stuck in a car with the same person for several hours, so that can be veryy nice or really bad. But overall for me roadtrips have this kind of “magic” feeling.

Do you like road trips?? Or absolutely hate being inside a car for hours?

xo – Fernanda 😉