Prepare your skin for the summer!


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One of the hardest challenges when the weather is warm and humid is too do a good make up. Here in Rio de Janeiro the weather is very warm and humid so it is a real struggle to have a flawless skin. That is why I searched and tried what would be the best options for this conditions. Now I found the perfect combination of products and it is my daily routine:

1 – Visibly clean 2 in 1, wash and mask. Even though my skin is very dry here in Brazil my skin gets much oilier due to the weather. The first step for the make up to look nice is too prepare your skin correctly. Before everything I wash my face with this Neutrogena 2 in one. You can simply wash your face normally or you can leave it on your face for a few minutes, like a mask, for a deeper cleaning. It really works, in the night I like to use it as a mask and in the day I just wash it normally. Neutrogena is a very affordable brand and you can easily find it in the drug stores!

2 – Visibly clear grapefruit oil free moisturizer. After washing I like to use a moisturizer. The problem is that here is very humid so it must be a oil free moisturizer. I’ve been lovingggggg this one! I saw its review in this blog and I bought it right away. Is veryyyy affordable I think I paid 6 euros for it. It has soooo good smell and it leaves the skin fresh! You even feel a nice cold sensation, is perfect for the summer!!

3 – L’oreal skin perfection primmer. I usually do not use a primer, but since is warm, the make up comes out much easier. Therefore, is good to pass a primer to help the make up to last longer. I´ve been liking this one I have no problems with it. I´ve heard that the Revlon photoready primer is quite good as well.

4 – Foundation L’oreal true match.This foundation is the bombbbbb! I am sure you already heard about it. It has a super light texture but stil gives you a medium coverage. Plus, it doesn’t leave your skin oily, which is superrr important! I absolutely love it <3. It is also super affordable for a foundation. Here in Brazil it is bit more expesive :(, you can try to buy in Mercado Livre here or ask someone that is travelling abroad. it is seriously worth it!

5 – Concealer Pro long wear MAC = Holy Grail <3. I have the darkest under eyes ever! I started using make up exactly to try to cover my under eyes. I have tried soo many and this one is by far the best! It is quite thick, so the coverage is amazing <3. Is really good because stays in place, the whole day even in the warm and humid weather. It cost 80 reais here in Brazil, it is bit more expensive but I use it every day and it lasts a year, so it is worth it.

6 –  Mac mineralize powder or Rimmel stay matte. Both are really good! The Mac mineralize is thinner and shinier then the Rimmel. If you want to have a more natural and shiner coverage Mac is the best option. It is also ideal for just warm but not humid weather. If you want a really really matte powder, Rimmel is PERFECT. It doesn´t leave any shine on the skin. It really helps to keep the skin dry and the make up in place when you sweat a little. If the weather is humid I would recommend the Rimmel stay matte and it is also very affordable I paid 6 euros for it \o/. You can find it in drug stores as well.

What do you use to keep your skin flawless?? What make up item is your holy grail? Share with us!

Thanks for reading I hope it helps someone :*


Summer holiday – 5 days to Rio de Janeiro

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I am soo excited because in 5 days I will be on my way to Rio de Janeiro (aka my homeee *.*)!!! I don´t know if people know this but in Brazil clothes are quite expensive. What happens is that we have lot of boutiques but we don´t have so many department stores. Recently it opened ONE forever 21 in Rio and all the girls went crazy haahah! We don´t have H&M yet :(, when I am in Brazil and I want to buy clothes I go to Zara because is one of the most “affordable”. Is really sad that clothes are so expensive in Brazil, that´s why before going there I do a little shopping over here hehe.

As I showed in one previous post, Rio de Janeiro style is very colourful and warm, so I choose some fun items:

1. Shirt from Bikbok – great to use with a jeans short and some havaianas, perfect to walk around during the day.

2. Shorts from Gina tricot – They are soo comfortable! Sometimes jeans shorts get a bit uncomfortable, so I wanted something to subistitute that. Plus the print is similar to the one used in the Copacabana beach sidewalk *.*.

3. Bikini from H&M – A bikini is a MUST have if you go to Rio. I didnt have any! Let´s face it, there is no place to use bikini in Finland. Maybe in the sauna but the tradition is to go naked!! Yeppp, Finns have no problem to be all naked, I had a bit of a culture shock ahha. No, in Brazil we do not go naked to the beach :D, actually womans don´t even do the “topless” thing.

4 Shirt from H&M – Always good to have a simple white shirt so you can play with the accessories. This one is actually a cropped top.

I hope I can show little bit of Brazil to you girls when I am there! What about more Rio de Janeiro street style? If you are curious about something in Rio let me know! I want to post as much as possible when I am there! 🙂

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Thanks for reading! Are you travelling somwhere in the summer holidays??